Moving Colorz Kit


Moving Colorz Package includes 10 rolls of color tape, stickers, destination list and more!

Shipping: $8.00/per product
Delivery: US only at this time.



10 Total Rolls – Easy Tear – No Dispenser Needed – Colored Tapes….COMPRISED OF:

  • 5 colorz of 2 inches x 22 yards (EACH roll will color code 4 sides of approximately 12-15 moving boxes)
  • 1 FRAGILE roll – 2 inches x 22 yards
  • 4 colorz of 2 inches x 55 yards (EACH roll will color code 4 sides of approximately 30-34 moving boxes)


  • 9 pages of stickers (12″ x 11″) matching each color of tape – (Low Tack with no residue to mar furniture or paint surfaces)
  • Square stickers for larger furniture pieces
  • Arrows to direct delivery movers where to place corresponding color marked boxes and furniture
  • Large square color sticker to put into room where same color boxes are to be placed
  • Master and Destination Lists with pen to assign colorz to rooms or projects – your personal color choice
  • 1 protective envelope/sheet to hold stickers/ Master Lists etc.

Moving Colorz Kit

Keep your move organized with the Moving Colorz Kit from Moving Colorz. All-In-One Color Coded Moving Kit includes color coded tape, stickers & checklist.