How It Works

Make Your Move Easier and Less of a Hassle!

Color-coded moving labels


Assign your preferred color tape to the room of your choice

  • Use the 22 Yard color tapes for rooms with less treasures.
  • Use the 55 Yard color tapes for rooms with more treasures.

color-coded moving stickers


Apply assigned color tape to moving boxes and furniture

  • Put a band of colored tape on the boxes for that room’s items so it can be seen on all four sides.

color coded moving labels kit


Moving is easy by grouping boxes and furniture by color

  • Movers can group the boxes in the truck for easier unpacking.
  • Movers can unpack truck quickly without asking “Where Do You Want This?”

packing supplies


Unpack with less stress with boxes and furniture in your designated rooms

  • Unpack with less stress knowing all boxes and furniture pieces are waiting in your designated rooms.
  • Stickers do not leave residue on walls or furniture.

No More Moving Mess!

  • NO Directing Movers Where to Place a Box
  • NO Reading Messages Printed on the Box
  • NO Sea of Brown Boxes
  • NO Finding Spoiled Food in the Garage a Week Later
  • NO Searching All Boxes For One Item From Kid’s Room
  • NO Searching All Boxes For One With Shoes/Meds/Cosmetic

Make Order Out Of Chaos!

  • Make Your Move Easier and Less of a Hassle
  • Organize Your Craft Room or Storage Unit
  • Perfect for Corporate Office Moves Too
  • Packing Boxes in Storage Units